New Unit Checklist

Steps to consider when creating a new unit

You can create new units from the top right hand side of your admin area, under your initials > Configuration. 

Structure and Rates

The first step is to add in your new unit (e.g. a new property, glamping unit, or pitch type). 

(Note: If you are adding in pitches, use the parent unit dropdown to select the new pitch type you have configured and then add in your all of your new pitches. They will adopt the rules from the parent unit).

You can then add in your rates and deposits; if they are the same as a unit you already have within your account you can use the 'Copy' button within these sections to copy to the new unit.

If you ask your guests for the breakdown of adults and children you can setup your party members. If the new unit shares the rules of a pre-existing unit use the 'Units' tab for each party member to copy the settings to the new parent unit.

If you like to collect information from ALL members of the party and not just the main billing person, ensure you tweak your party details settings.

Ensure you configure your extras! You can create new extras specific to the unit, or you can double click into the extra on a pre-existing unit to share the rules under the Units tab.


Ensure your T's and C's have been added to the new unit.

Make sure you have switched on and configured the emails for your new unit. If the emails are the same for all of your units you can use the 'Copy to another unit' button on a pre-existing unit to copy each template.

Once the above steps have been completed ensure you Refresh your Availability


Q: My new unit is not showing on my multi-unit calendar?
A: please let us know when you have added a new unit and we will refresh the calendar for you.

Q: How do I generate an individual calendar for my new unit?
A: please contact to ask for your new individual calendar.

Q: Once I have created a new unit can you check my settings?
A: absolutely! We are happy to check over your settings for you.