Refresh Availability

How to refresh your availability

After you have made a change to a unit or a rate, the system will ask you to 'Refresh your availability' by displaying a yellow message at the top of the screen.

Changes to these sections do not update automatically, in case you are in the middle of making multiple changes and want to reflect on these before making them 'Live'. 

There are two ways to refresh your availability:

If you select 'Click here' on the yellow message it will take you the refresh availability section.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 14.50.35

Alternatively, you will find this section under your initials > Configuration > Refresh Availability (in the Rates box).

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 14.49.01

To complete the refresh:
  • Select the year(s) you are working on
  • Select the unit(s) you would like to refresh
  • Hit 'Refresh' 

    Once completed the yellow message will disappear from the top of your screen and your changes will be live.