How do I update my account for next year

Our guide to assist you in updating your account for the following year so that your Diary is booking ready

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🔗Copy Your Rates

🔗 Extend Your Deposit 

🔗 Check Party Members

🔗 Updating Extras 

🔗 Refresh Availability

🔗 Test Your Changes

There are some simple and quick fixes to updating the availability in your Anytime account every year. Extending the end date on Extras, Party Members and Deposits can save you lots of time and give you the same results as adding in new rate bands.

You only need to enter a new rate band in Extras, Party Members and Deposits if you're changing your pricing for the following year. 

Copy Your Rates


  • Go to Configuration > Rates > Site/Category/Unit. 
  • Click on 'Copy Rates to Another Year'
  • Complete the function box Copy From > Copy To. The year selected should be a year in advance. You aren't able to copy backwards to previous years.
  • Visibility boxes ticked to show Online & in the Admin Area
  • Choose a Date Modification if applicable
  • Click on 'Copy Rates'
  • Check that the rates are in the target year by selecting the tab
  • Manually enter any new pricing
  • Refresh Availability

We encourage you to copy over your rates rather than extend the rate band to the following year to give you more flexibility and control over your Rates for the season.

Extend Your Deposit


  • Go to Configuration > Rates > Deposits > Site/Category/Unit
  • Select the second date picker from the left - the end date -  and choose a date that encompasses the following year
  • The system saves this change automatically

  • Add a new rate for a Deposit 


Check Party Members

  • Go to Configuration > Structure > Site/Category/Unit
  • Double-click into your Party Member tab i.e Adults or Child
  • Go to the Rates tab on the pop-up
  • Use the date picker to extend the date range to include the next year
  • The system automatically saves this change (no need to refresh availability)

  • Follow 1-3 and then 'Add a New Rate' for new Party Member pricing for the next year


Updating Extras 

  • Go to Configuration > Structure > Extras > Site/Category/Unit
  • Double-click on the Extras tab you want to update
  • Go to the Rates tab in the pop-up
  • Select the date picker to extend the end date to the next year
  • The system automatically saves this change (no need to refresh availability)


 6.   Follow 1-3 and then 'Add a New Rate' for new Extras pricing on the Rates tab instead 

Refresh Availability

When you make changes to your Units or your Rates you will see a yellow notification bar across the top of your account reminding you to Refresh your Availability. Follow the instructions on the yellow bar to take you to the correct section. 


  • Go to Configuration > Rates > Refresh Availability
  • Select the properties or units you've been working on
  • Tick the year box you've been working on
  • Scroll down the page to locate the 'Refresh' button
  • Click on the Refresh button
  • Wait for the confirmation that the properties or units have been refreshed, you will see writing in red on the left hand side to let you know


Pro Tip
Get into the habit of Refreshing Availability whenever you work on your Units or Rates to make sure your calndar widgets are pulling through the latest data. 


Test Your Changes

  • Go to the booking form on your website
  • Make a booking as a guest
  • Check your settings are all correct as you navigate through the booking process
  • All new pricing is showing on the Rates, Party Members, Deposits and Extras or the dates have extended successfully. 

If some of your updated configuration isn't showing when you make your test booking then go back to your Configuration page and double-check you have got the right dates inserted for each section and that each section is Online. Refresh Availability again and test as a guest again.

Also to consider

Please note: online travel agents only read bookings and block-offs. Therefore if you are wanting to stop availability for certain periods ensure you have a rate band in place, and then block off the period. If you have any further questions please contact the support team (