Reports Overview

An overview of the Reports module in your Anytime Booking account

When running a business it is essential that you have a way of keeping all of your information together and organised. Anytime Booking allows you to run a variety of different reports to help you maintain the organisation within your business.

Reports are available in PDF, CSV, and web-page format. They can be generated for categories, units and even specific sub-units. To access this feature click on the ‘Reports’ button at the top of the page.

The reports have been organised into groups, Financials, Day to Day, Property Servicing, and Promoting your property/campsite.


Cash List 

This report allows you to see all the transactions which have occurred within a certain time frame. Payments can be filtered depending on the payment method, the payment type, the unit etc. The end of the report will give a breakdown of the totals by the method of payment used.


The Bookings Report is an amalgamation of the Arrivals Report and the Cash List. It can be used as an arrivals list with payment information. You will be able to see: the booked date, arrival date, the departure date, the customer’s name, party size and length of stay as well as the unit they are booked in to. You can also see a simple breakdown of the cost of each booking, including the base cost, any add-ons, the total cost, how much has been paid to date and how much is left to pay. This report is very useful if you are likely to have arrivals which still have an outstanding balance.

The Bookings Report can also display cancelled bookings. If you click on the drop-down menu next to ‘booking status’ you can select ‘Cancelled Bookings’. This will generate a new report with the cancelled bookings.

Your Bookings Report will show you how many bookings are ONLINE, TELEPHONE, WALK-IN and SALES CHANNELS at a glance. You will see a field labelled ‘Source’ which will tell you whether the booking is online, telephone, walk-in or sales channel. If it has come through a sales channel, the field labelled ‘Agent Name’ will tell you if it is a Pitch Up or Rentals United booking, for example.


The Balance Report allows you to see a list of all people within a date range that have an outstanding balance. You can see each individual amount, what is due and also the total of all outstanding balances within a date range.


The Discounts Report will show all discounts used within a date range. Also shown is the number of bookings a certain discount has been applied to and the total discount cost for those bookings.

Balances Transferred 

This report will show any bookings where a deposit transfer has been used. For example, if a customer cancels a booking and a credit is issued to them which is then used on another booking. 


The Credits Report will display a list of all customer credits within a date range. It will also show the type of credit method, e.g. refund to customer.

Day to Day


The Arrivals Report is a simple representation of your upcoming arrivals. You may want to use this report on a daily basis during your season to allow you to check in your customers easily. This report will show you: the arrival date,  the customer’s name, party size, and the unit which they are booked into.


The Departure Report is very similar to the Arrivals Report however it will filter the results of your query depending on the dates of departure rather than arrival.


This report allows you to see all bookings where extras/add-ons have been assigned within a certain date range.

Limited Extras/Add-ons

This report shows the dates and availability of add-ons within a certain date range. For example, this could be used to see how many electric hookups are available and how many are booked out for any given day.


An Occupancy Report allows you to see who is staying where, the duration of stay, and the party size. It is particularly useful for fire regulations.

Unit Availability

The Unit Availability Report allows you to see which units are available within a specific date range (similarly to the availability chart, however the report is in list format).


A Custom Report allows you to customise the report. Therefore you can choose which units you’d like to be displayed, as well as the availability, add-ons etc. 

Property Servicing

Housekeeping (Daily) and Housekeeping (Weekly) 

The Housekeeping Report allows you to see the duration of your customers stay in each unit, and lists which add-ons your customer has requested that are assigned to the housekeeping duties. For example, specific bed linen. This can be displayed as a daily report or a weekly one.

Cleaning List 

This report is for cleaning staff and will display a handy tick-list for each booking in a specified date range.

Promoting your property/campsite


The Referrals Report will display how the customer heard about you, it differentiates between online and back office bookings as well as the total cost of each type.

Booking Types 

Booking types are used to gain additional information about your customers. This will generate a report with the information collected.