Capturing a Club Membership Number from your guests

How to apply, discount against and record a Club membership number

If your campsite is part of the Caravan & Motorhome Club or Caravan and Camping Club organisation (or anything similar), you can use Anytime Booking to store a Club Membership Number against the Guest Record, which can be viewed on the Arrivals Report and Cash List. You can also setup a discount to automatically apply when a Membership Number is in place.

Capturing a Club Membership Number 

You can capture the Club Membership as part of a Booking Extra (article on how to create Booking Extra is here) which will ask for the membership number within the second stage of the booking process and the guest can type that in each time they make their booking.

Or use the Club Membership Number which is applied at the point the guest supplies their contact details or you can assign it to their Guest Record (ask us to turn this on for you) and as a one-time action. The benefit of using the Club Membership Number route is that each subsequent time your guest books, this number will already appear when they log in.

The only difference between the two is if you wish to discount a Club Member automatically when they book, there is a discount feature specifically designed to check if a membership number is supplied within the Guest Record.

Another benefit for using the Club Membership Number is you can apply an email token within your email templates using #membership_no# recite - handy on any confirmations.

Using the Booking Extra route

Collecting the membership number as a Booking Extra means it will appear in the second part of the booking form. You can make this mandatory if your CL site is exclusive to members.

Using the Club Membership Number route

If you do use our Club Membership Number as part of the Guest Record, this will appear after the guest logs in or registers.

You can customise the wording that appears underneath this box (just above where you Submit Membership Number). To go Configuration > Booking Form Configuration > Booking Steps. 

There is a section to add your own wording. Remember to click 'Save'!

If you want to add their Club Membership Number in manually, you can locate their Guest Record and apply this to the box labelled 'Club Membership Number'.

(if you see Membership number underneath this, this is intended if you have activated your own internal membership scheme, so ignore in this example).

Creating a Discount that only applies if a Club Membership Number is detected 

Create a discount like you normally would (here's our article on how to set one up) and just make sure you tick the box to apply to the Club Membership Number. Only then will a discount apply.

There is currently no verification service for checking if the membership number is active with your Club. But both CAMC and C&CC will have a text verification service for you to use outside of Anytime.