Balance Reminders

Balance Reminders Automate a Balance Reminder to send to your Guest.

First Set A Deposit

Once done, go to the Unit settings and enable a Balance Reminder Email to ensure that you get full payment before your guest comes on holiday. Configuration> Structure> Units> Choose Category & Unit> Balances tab.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 14.54.19

Tick the box to enable. The Balance Payable (Days Before Arrival) needs to be the same as the setting on the Deposit (Days Before Arrival) as the two work in unison.

Choose to send the Balance Reminder Email (Days Before Arrival) by using the dropdown and select the amount of days it's sent prior to the Guest arriving. It needs to be at least day apart from when the balance is due.

Check your Balance Reminder Email template content by going to Configuration> Documentation> Emails> Choose Category & Unit> Select Balance Reminder from the dropdown.

Make sure this email is switched on and hit 'Save' bottom left once you're happy with the email.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 14.57.50

Check this Emails & Automation article for more details about customising your emails. 


Balance Reminder and OTA's

We do not automatically send the guest any automated emails from your account when the booking is generated from an iCal, as the OTA will have already done this for you. You can push manually push emails like the Balance Reminder and pre-arrivals if you have updated the booking with the correct email address.