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Additional Services or Integrations with Anytime

An overview of other services that you can choose to use with your booking system

If you haven’t had a chance to review what else we have to offer yet in addition to our off-the-shelf booking system, there are a number of additional services that you can choose to enhance your Anytime Booking account. 

Postcode Lookup
Add addresses to bookings by typing in a postcode and house number to speed up data entry.

For further details see here

Text Messaging
Communicate with your guests quickly and easily using text messages, often a preferred method of contact prior, during and post stay for their immediacy and read-rate. We offer 50 free credits to get you started.

For further details see here

Email marketing 
Set up newsletter and e-marketing campaigns by integrating your Anytime guest list. Great to encourage repeat and referral business.

For further details see here

Booking Protect
Refund protection insurance for your guests, commission for you.

For further details see here


Interactive Pitch Map
We partner with Make-a-Map. Interactive maps allow your guests to plan ahead, explore and get a feel for your site and location. Help them with interactive points of interest using extra images, text and video to guide them through your facilities, or go wider to local activities, restaurants and tourist spots. Read more here.

Virtual Reality/3D Tour
We partner with Ocean3D. Virtual reality photography scanning can give a real boost to your business marketing, elevating guest engagement, driving higher occupancy rates and increasing booking conversions through your website. This technology is massive for the accessibility market in particular.

Your Welcome
This smart tablet for short-term rentals is a widely used guest app globally, currently installed in over 20,000 properties. Think about enhancing your guest experience and earning more revenue from every booking by installing the tablets in your holiday properties.

API (Application Programming Interface) 
If you have a good web developer, a bigger budget and you want to achieve a more bespoke approach to your booking process, you can tap into our powerful API to create your own booking journey and host it on your own website.

ANPR Barrier Systems

We have partnered with Alpha Touch to allow site entry through Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

For more information on any of the above, please talk to your Anytime onboarder.