How do I add a property? (Agency)

How to setup a property if you are an agency

To add a new property go to your initials > Configuration > Units and select 'new unit'. 


Online: available to book for guests
Admin Area: available to book over the phone
Notify Owners/Housekeepers Automatically: this will allow your owners/housekeeper to receive an email notification of a new booking
Ref/code (optional): this can be used for reporting purposes
Name: enter the name of your property
Unit Type: select what type of unit the property is

On completing click 'OK'.
Double click back into the property and you'll find additional tabs.


Min occupancy (optional)
: the minimum number of people in the property. If this is left blank this will default to 1.
Occupancy (online): max number of guests for online bookings.
Occupancy (admin area): max number of guests for telephone bookings.
Party Members Inclusive of Price (optional): how many guests are included in the base price, if you are charging for additional people.
Bedrooms and Bathrooms (optional): this information will be pulled through to the search availability function. If this is not active on your account please contact us to find out more!
Further Details Web Address: this can appear as a 'Read more' button on the search results, should you choose this widget type.

After this section you have an area to add in the property key code, parking instructions, directions, arrival times and more. Any information in this section can be pulled into the automated emails. 

Any description here will be pulled through to the search results.

You can upload up to 4 images which will be pulled through to the search results.

Take enquiries only:
please contact us if you wish to take enquiries instead of direct online bookings.
Hide category and unit, visual calendar and length of stay: this will remove these sections from the booking process once a guest has selected which accommodation and dates they would like to book.
Pet Friendly: tick here if the property is pet friendly. This will allow guests to filter by pet friendly properties on the search results, and display pet charges for only those that say 'yes' to bringing a dog. 
Automatically cancel provisional bookings: this can be enabled after the emails have been configured. 
Define Cut Off Period: set how many days notice you require before arrival for online bookings.
Auto Confirm: this will confirm the booking away from the dashboard automatically.
Max Length of Stay: set the max length of stay for online bookings (this can be anything from 1 to 28 nights). 

Tick to 'enable balance reminder'
Balance Payable (Days Before Arrival): enter when the balance is payable (for example day 56).
Balance Reminder Email (Days Before Arrival): set when you would like the reminder email to go out (for example at day 63).

NOTES (Optional)
It's optional to store any notes against the property. 

For every property set a default commission rate.

You can set multiple commission rates per property, which you can then amend on a booking after it's been created. 

Once you add in your owners/housekeepers they will be logged here.

Enter the property address (combined) which you can pull through into the emails.

You can also set What3Words. To find out more about how this works please click here

You can upload documents for internal purposes (such as contracts with owners) or owner accessible documents such as owner statements (which they can view when they log-in).