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How to connect your Anytime Booking account with

Advertise your camping, glamping or touring site using our integration with to increase exposure, generate bookings and fill empty pitches.


We have a full two-way integration with using our API, so availability can be shared in real time.

This is a flexible connection where you don't have to allocate all your availability, you don't have to give them your peak season or weekends - it's up to you.

At only 8% commission on bookings, they are 40% lower in commission rate than most other OTAs (online travel agents).

Book Direct

If fully bookable is not for you, you can talk to about their Book Direct option, where you can pay them an annual charge for priority referrals from their platform direct through your own website.

Or you can have a completely free listing (this has less visibility) - so it's a no-brainer, really. Give it a go!

If you are interested in using the connection, please talk to the team at on and they will do the rest!

Note: in addition to the charges, there will be a £10 a month service charge from Anytime if you use the fully bookable API integration or a £5 a month service charge if you use iCal to drive the Book Direct option. This is across all your inventory listed with them, not a per unit charge.