Arrival and Departure Days

Controlling the days that guests can Arrive and Depart

The Rates module in system Configuration allows you to input your daily/weekly rates across different date bands.

There are a number of controllers on this screen that allow you to personalise this part of the system to suit your business, including Arrival and Departure Days.

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 10.25.18

The week on this controller always starts on a Sunday.

You can control the Arrival Days by ticking the corresponding box for selection, and leaving it unticked if you do not want to have Arrivals on that day.

Arrival Days and Departure Days are the same on this controller, so once selected as an Arrival Day, the Guest will also be able to check out on this day. This means that you also need to consider your Departure Days too.

In the example above, there is a 2 night minimum stay with Arrivals/Departures selected on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It is not possible to select separate Arrival and Departure Days with the controller set this way.

If you would like to select an Arrival Day and leave the Departure Day as 'any' day for the guest to depart on, then we may be able to activate this behind the scenes. Please contact us at to discuss this option but please note, enabling this function will depend on the rest of your account configuration.

To accommodate separate Arrival and Departure Days as the normwould be a significant system change and whilst it is a requested feature that is on our future development list, there is no timescale for this right now.

Remember to refresh your availability after you have completed/edited your rates.