Anytime Booking Overview for Camping, Touring & Glamping

Anytime Booking Overview for Camping, Touring & Glamping A demonstration video of Anytime Booking for Camping, Touring and Glamping business owners.

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Below is our overview video and examples of current businesses using Anytime for camping, touring and glamping business owners wanting to learn more about us.

As a camping and touring business, you might be thinking about the way you want to advertise your pitches. We have covered most aspects.

We have Standard Availability which is best used when you have specific pitch numbers or glamping units. If you don't have physical pitch numbers, that's OK. We have the option to book by the total of bookings on any given day or the total number of people (occupancy) on any given day. You can just have a 'book now' directly to making a booking.

For an example of a campsite using Anytime, take a look at Camusdarach. They are using our search widget on their homepage, with results hosted by us.

Another camping example is Tregarton Park. They are using our search on their homepage, but the availability is set up as multi-plot. There are still physical pitch numbers on site, but only certain types of caravans and vehicles can fit on certain pitches. It's all about size in this case! Tregarton Park also uses the feature where the guest can only choose the physical pitch number if their stay exceeds a certain number of days. This is handy if you want to prioritise a choice of location for guests staying for longer.

As a Glamping example, take a look at Long Valley Yurts. They are using our search widget on their homepage, but the results on that search is hosted on their own website. A little extra work for your developer, but this allows you to create your own design.

Another example of a Glamping site is Cheviot Glamping. They are using individual calendars for each glamping type, allowing the guest to view more information about the accommodation before booking. 

You are bound to have more questions as you learn more, so always feel free to book in a follow up call with us.

After you've watched our video above, we're happy to do a more detailed walkthrough on Zoom to run through any specific questions you may have.