Your customer's booking process

5 stages to the customer booking process

  1. Booking:* Choosing the category, unit, date, number of nights and number of people.
  2. Extras: * Your ‘up-selling’ opportunity – sell your customers welcome packs, extra linen, beach towels, logs, fire pits, you name it!   Also useful for finding out more information. This is all controlled in the ‘Extras’ section.
  3. Your Party: * This contains the information collected about the people coming.  Referral option and Terms and Conditions are mandatory fields in this section.
  4. Checkout & Payment:  Telephone bookings have a variety of payment options, online customers will choose to pay or reserve depending on your configuration.
  5. Complete:  A ‘thank you’ and complete message for you and the customer, allocating their booking reference number.

*These stages can be renamed to your liking by navigating to Configuration > Booking Form Configuration