Using The Extras Module to Setup Bedroom Configuration Options

The Extras module can be used to ask guests during the booking process how they would like the beds in each room setup

If your units have beds that can be configured in different ways to accommodate different parties, then it is possible to use Extras to allow guests to select between, for example, a bedroom to have a Kingsize bed or twins or to say if a room is not required at all.

This helps your team configure the bedding arrangements in advance of your guests arrival.

Head to Configuration>Extras>New Extra
Whilst setting up these Extras it is best to keep them offline until you are sure that you have the finalised all of the settings.

The recommended setup includes an Extra set up as a Heading to display a note on your booking page to say something like

Bed Configuation 

Please choose how you would like the beds setup for your stay 

Bed Configuration is the Name of this Extra
The text underneath is the Description of this Extra

To do this in your New Extra...

Untick Online

Tick Owners and Housekeepers - this setting means that Owners and Housekeepers can view these Extras if required
Select Heading
Add Name
Add Description

Your screen should look like this
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 11.14.00

Click Update and then the Extra will re-open

Click on the Rates tab to add a Rate (all Extras except Dropdowns require a Rate to make them appear online)
Click Add Rate
Select Dates to and from - make from date some date way out into the future
Add Rate of zero

Move across to
 the Units Tab

Select the Units that this Extra applies to - this option means that once the Extra is set up for one unit you can 'apply' this Extra to any or all other units.

Now to set up the configuration of the beds in each bedroom by setting up each bedroom as an Extra using the Dropdown option

Again select Add New

Untick Online
Tick Owners and Housekeepers (if required)
Add Name
Add Abbreviation - this is the name that will appear on Reports
A Description is not required

Click Update and the Extra will reopen to allow you to add the Dropdown options ie the name of each of the options to display for the guest to select, for example


There is an further step to complete for each of the Bedroom Extras

Click Advanced Options

  1. Tick Mandatory - this adds a red asterisk to the Extra and guests have to make a selection
  2. Tick Hidden From Summary - this refers to the Booking SUmmary on the right as the guest makes the booking. An Extra with no price doesn’t need to be displayed there.
  3. Tick Show on Housekeeping Report
  4. Tick Show on Reports

Going Live
Go back into each Extra and Tick ONLINE for each of the new Extras - including the Extra called BED CONFIGURATION


Use Daily Housekeeping Report to see the required bedroom configuration