Updating your account for the following year

A quick guide to updating Rates for Units, Deposits, Party Members and Extras

Rates: Config>Rates>Rates>Choose Category & Unit>Copy Rates to Another Unit.

To save time and data input you can copy your rates from one year to the next.

You may need to use the Date Modifications tick box to change the date to X number of days backwards or forwards for the next year so the arrival/departure dates are in line, then fill out all the dropdown options in the Copy Rates pop up box and then hit Copy.

Deposits: Config>Rates>Deposits>Choose Category & Unit.

Simply select the calendar icon and extend your Deposit date to the end of the following year (or more). You can then copy this to another Unit.


Party Members: Configuration > Structure > Party Members > Choose Category & Unit.

Double click into each Party Member and extend the dates under the 'Rates' tab (this is only for those who charge per person).

If you have a continuous price throughout the whole year you can extend this using the calendar icon, however, if you have different prices depending on the season for the Party Members you will need to click Add Rates under the tab for the following year and manually enter the pricing.


Extras: Configuration > Structure > Extras > Choose Category & Unit

You also need to extend the dates for your Extras. Double click into the extra and add in the new date bands under the 'Rates' tab.

Similarly to the Party Members, if you have a continuous price throughout the year, then just extend the calendar end date. If you have different prices throughout the year you will need to add this as a new rate under the tab for the following year.

Once these sections have been updated Refresh Your Availability

Please note: When adding in a one date band for a 7 night stay only (i.e peak season) you must leave the length of stay as 1.