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Touch Stay integration

Touch Stay integrates with Anytime to import your units and then automate the sending of invitations for confirmed bookings.

Anytime x Touch Stay

What is Touch Stay?

Touch Stay is "the digital welcome book that makes your guests happier", led by a team of great people.

The product will work for you whether you have properties, glamping, a campsite or motorhome and campervans.

Touch Stay digital welcome books allow you to answer your guests’ questions in a unique digital guide that can cover every aspect of your guest's stay from check-in times, to how the oven works to your recommendations for local restaurants or activities nearby

Guests automatically get their own unique guidebook, along with a sequence of texts and/or emails that YOU control in Touch Stay.

You can read more on our landing page here.

The benefits of Touch Stay

  • You become more efficient

    You won't be inundated by the same questions again and again - 86% of Touch Stay users report a reduction in time answering guest questions.

  • Your guests feel empowered

    Give your guests the freedom to plan their stay with an easy to use guide that answers all their questions - on the move - on their phones, tablets or laptops

  • You can get rid of PDFs and out of date printed manuals

    Touch Stay delivers information to your guest seamlessly for a confirmed booking. Just great (and beautiful) information getting into the right hands at the right time.

  • You can upsell Extras

    You can use your digital welcome book to detail extras ahead of a guest arrival and increase revenue.

  • You get great reviews

    Guests do rave about Touch Stay, which is great news for the experience you deliver and the reviews you gain. Here is some proof.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, grab a coffee and listen to this short podcast about Touch Stay

Some of the benefits of the Anytime & Touch Stay integration

  • You can be more hands-off and save time by introducing more automation. If you use the integration, your guests will receive a personal link to the guidebook rather than a generic link in your outgoing booking-related emails. This means you will be able to see the interaction on a guest by guest basis, rather than looking at all views of your digital guidebook by everyone who has ever had the link.
  • The link to your guidebook is sent out automatically from the Touch Stay messaging system Memo to your guest, and after that, they will receive a series of emails and/or texts from the Touch Stay platform as built out by you.
  • These are included in the Touch Stay package, they do not cost you extra.
  • If you use Touch Stay, you might want to extend your use of Touch Stay to communicate using these features, giving you choice.
  • Don't double up! You will save money if you use the Touch Stay text messaging, for example, as you have to pay for texting with Anytime using a different integration partner, Firetext.
  • You will still use Anytime email templates around the booking management and deposit/payment comms, but you can choose to use Touch Stay to tell your guest more about your property/site, facilities and all the restaurants, bars, cafes and attractions in the surrounding area.
  • Your guests will be happier as they love to interact on the move with their Touch Stay guide

The technical part: how does the integration work?

Touch Stay integrates with Anytime Booking to import your units and then automate the sending of invitations for confirmed bookings.

If you don’t have a Touch Stay account yet then you can sign up here for a free 14-day trial.

Once you have a Touch Stay account, let us know. You'll need an API key from us at Anytime. Our support team can provide you with one to connect to Touch Stay.

Once you have the API key from us, head to your Touch Stay account page and follow the steps in this simple guide prepared by them.

Touch Stay Integration Guide

Read more about our collaboration and see Touch Stay pricing on their side here.

There is no charge on Anytime's side to connect to Touch Stay.