Resolving Conflicts in your Pitchup Account

A guide to help you resolve your booking conflicts when applying iCals for the first time


If we, or PU, have recently introduced iCals on the pitches, conflicts will appear until they are moved around on the PU diary to fall into the correct place.


Adding iCals to an existing account:

When iCals are added to an existing account which was previously using API, there will be a number of bookings which will end up showing in PU twice (a conflict): one as a PU id and the other will show as an external booking from AB. 

As a booking enters the PU API the allocation was originally sent to the first available pitch. This can in turn be on a different pitch in AB. 

The best way to resolve these is to log into your PU account and AB side by side and work through the conflicts one at a time. 

  • Generally we suggest starting at the top of the conflict list in your PU calendar, look for this red symbol Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 12.57.41 next to your pitch number. 
  • Either click on that conflict or find the first one in your calendar Open the conflicting booking in PU and copy the PU booking reference number e.g we134dst in pitch 1
  • Paste the reference number into AB in the ‘Manage Booking’ section
  • Check for any differences i.e Pitch number i.e we134dst, pitch 4
  • If this is the case go back to Pitch Up and look at Pitch 4, click on the external booking and check it has the same details as that on AB pitch 4 and PU pitch 1 (dates and name)
  • If this is the same, delete the external booking in PU and drag and drop the PU booking into the same place the external booking was in

Broken down:

PU booking: we134dst, Pitch 1, 10th Aug- 12th Aug, Smith

AB booking: we134dst, Pitch 4, 10th Aug- 12th Aug, Smith

PU booking: external booking, Pitch 4, 10th Aug- 12th Aug, Smith

So you would delete the external booking and move the Pitch 1 booking down to Pitch 4. 

Only when these conflicts are resolved will PUP activate your account. 


Booking conflict by amendment:

Another example of a conflict is when an amendment has taken place on a booking in AB or PU, but this has not been replicated manually in the other system.

If a booking has been amended on PU from pitch 1 to pitch 5 but not manually done in AB, when PU take another booking for Pitch 1 this will not import in AB.


AB booking in NE1 is moved to NE5 on AB and not in PU. If AB take another booking for NE1 then the conflict will show in PU as below:



Cancelling/Amending a Booking:

Remember if you cancel or amend a booking on either system, it is not currently supported by the other. You will need to replicate the action on both systems so the diaries mirror one another.