Reinserting a Pitchup booking

If your booking did not insert the first time, you can reinsert the booking at a click of a button.

You can reinsert a Pitchup booking yourselves if it wasn’t able to insert automatically on the first attempt.

Head to Configuration >

Go to the import tab and click on the ‘check’ button.  This will take a few moments while it scans your Pitchup booking data.

If there are Pitchup bookings still waiting to be inserted, you will have the opportunity to try again.

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 20.46.57

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘import’ button, the system will then try to insert the booking again. This will open up a new tab on your browser with either ‘successful’ or ‘not available’.

If you see a ‘not available’ message, the system will send you the below email again to let you know it wasn’t inserted.

The email sent to main company email address when a booking cannot be inserted


Anytime Booking has just received a Pitchup booking for your account, but the booking was not successfully placed into your account as you do not have a pitch (sub-unit) available for this date range and length of stay.

Business Name: ‘your  business name’

Reference: JXCVW9Y5

Customer Name: CLAIRE TO

Arrival Date: 2016-03-25

There are three possible reasons as to why this booking was not automatically inserted:

1. has not ‘pushed’ the booking details over to us. You can check this by looking at the API log. If the booking data is not recorded in the log, then may need to switch on the web hook for your Pitchup listing, or they may be experiencing some downtime. Please contact directly.

2. The unit to which the booking is trying to be transferred is already fully booked, this may be because you have over allocated the number of pitches to sell or it is subject to the Tetris Effect.

3. The booking from does not match your online minimum night criteria. For example, if you have a date band for your rates in Anytime which has a minimum 3 night stay, but you have sold the booking as a 2 night minimum stay on your listing, we can not insert this as it has broken your online booking rules. If you want to override this, either change your minimum length of stay to be the same as your listing on or manually add the booking in the back office of your account (as you will be able to override any online rules manually).

If you have freed up availability and you would like us to have another attempt at inserting this booking, just email or you can manually enter the booking into your Anytime Booking account.

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