Reduce availability by number of bookings

Ideal for overflow camping fields or pop up events where no physical pitch numbers exist.

If you are looking to sell bookings for a field or a pop up event that has no physical pitch numbers, setting your unit to 'Booking Availability (Reduce by Each Booking) will enable you to sell bookings until you have reached your total number.

Go to Configuration > Units > Options. Change the Availability Type to Booking Availability (Reduce by Each Booking).

Then you'll be given the option to choose the total number of bookings you will accept on this unit. The maximum number of bookings, per day, is 1000.

Once you have completed this and any other mandatory fields a unit is required to configure. Head over to Rates and place in your price per night.

You will then see the availability for this unit under the 'Flexi Chart'.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 15.10.12


As bookings are made, they will appear underneath the date ranges and the 'available' number will continue to drop.


Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 15.13.50