How to send pre-arrival emails to bookings from and Pitchup if you use our API connection.

Pre arrival email will automatically send to external bookings on the day you set the email setting. For late bookings, if it has missed the auto send date set, then it needs to be pushed manually.

If you are using our API connection to or PitchUp , then the customers email address is pushed to us to allow custom pre-arrival emails to be issued to them on an automated date set by you, i.e 1 week before arrival.

However if a new external booking is taken after your automated date, then you have missed the boat, you will need to go into the booking and send this manually to your customer. 

Screenshot 2021-08-16 at 11.41.07


Booking date: 16th Aug

Arrival date: 20th Aug

Auto arrival email : 7 days prior to arrival

This booking would need to be manually sent because the booking was taken 4 days prior to arrival.