Pre-arrival email

Details of the different functions within the pre-arrival email

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  • Switch on this email = once switched on it will allow the email to send (after 'save' is selected at the bottom of the email message).
  • Attach Additional PDF document = allows you to attach 1 document to the email (there are size specifications). 
  • Apply to all units in the category = email will apply to all in that specific category. 
  • Apply to all units in all categories = email will switch on across the whole site. 
  • Send X days before arrival = email will automatically send to your guest at the days set, providing other rules of the pre-arrival email are met. Please note, if left as 'Select' it will not send out automatically, but you can push this out manually to a guest from the 'email' tab within their booking.
  • Only send if security/damage deposit is in place = If you have authenticate and authorise enabled with Stripe or Opayo this function is possible. This will only send the pre-arrival if the guest has authorised their card.
  • Do not send to provisional bookings = if no payment has been made on a booking the guest will not receive the automated email. 
  • Only send if balance paid in full = email will only send if the balance has been fully paid. 
  • Only send if booking has been confirmed = the email will only send if the booking has been confirmed by you on the Dashboard or on the manage bookings list. 
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Please note: if a guest makes a booking after the email is due to send, this will fire off automatically once a payment has been recorded. 

Other rules ticked will also apply to the booking. 

For example, if the pre-arrival is set to send 2 weeks before arrival and a guest books 1 week before arrival the email will send once a payment has been made. 

If 'Only send if the booking has been confirmed' is ticked, this will then fire off the email once you confirm the booking.