Pitchup.com troubleshooting Q&A

Understanding how the the connection to Pitchup.com works.

How does the Pitchup API work?

Pitchup pushes all the booking data to Anytime Booking.  When the very last available pitch is booked, Anytime Booking will send a message to Pitchup to reduce the availability on the synced unit and pitch type to zero.  This will stop any further bookings being accepted for that pitch type from Pitchup.com

Please note: if you take a direct booking onto Anytime Booking, which is synced with Pitchup.com, we would recommend that you log into your Pitchup.com account and double check your availability levels.

Q. I’ve received a booking from Pitchup but it’s not in Anytime Booking?


  1. Pitchup.com had not ‘pushed’ the booking details over to us.  You can check this by looking the API log.  If the booking data is not recorded in the log, then Pitchup.com may need to switch on the Web Hook for your Pitchup listing, or they may be experiencing some downtime.  Please contact Pitchup.com directly.

  2. The unit in which the booking is trying to be transferred to is already fully booked, this may be because you have over allocated the number of pitches to sell or it’s subject to the Tetris Effect. If you have freed up some space, you can now re-insert the pitchup booking yourself. Click here to learn how. 

  3. The booking from Pitchup.com does not match your online minimum night criteria. For example, if you have date band for your rates in Anytime which has a minimum 3 night stay, but you’ve sold the Pitchup.com booking as 2 night minimum stay on your listing, we can not insert this as it’s broken your online booking rules. If you want to override this, either change your minimum length of stay to be the same as your listing on Pitchup.com or manually add the booking in the back office of your account (as you’ll be able override any online rules manually).

For more information on how to sync your Anytime Booking account with Pitchup.com, click here.

Q. Why am I receiving bookings from Pitchup when the Park is full?

Pitchup checks the availability for the ‘Pitch Type’ against the the equivalent ‘Unit’ on Anytime Booking.

Pitchup.com’s connection does not look at the availability for any of the individual sub-units prior to any bookings being sent through to your Anytime Booking account. So this summer we have been experiencing the ‘Tetris Effect’ where you may have availability for the pitch type, like Grass Pitch, but not necessarily all on the same pitch [sub-unit] for a certain length of stay.

In the event your Anytime Booking cannot accept and insert the Pitchup.com booking because there isn’t the appropriate length of stay to place onto a sub-unit. If this occurs we will send you an email (and Pitchup.com will be CC’d in) alerting you that the booking could not be inserted for this reason.

Once the API is updated to check availability for the sub-unit level, which is likely to be in the autumn, this will be resolved.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about your allocations on Pitchup.com, please familiarise yourself with Pitchup.com’s FAQs or contact Pitchup.com directly.

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Q. Why am I receiving bookings when I have no rates set in Anytime?

We can only send allocation if rates are in place. If you do not have any rates set for a certain period then we will not be able to send zero availability. To overcome this please create a rate band in Anytime and then block the dates in the calendar. This will send zero availability to Pitchup. 

Alternatively we suggest creating seasons in Pitchup to decrement the availability their side.