Pitchup.com and the Tetris Effect

Connecting your Anytime account to Pitchup.com where no iCals are mapped.

Pitchup.com and the Tetris Effect An explanation of what we call ‘the tetris effect’ for Pitch Up bookings

Why am I receiving bookings from Pitchup.com when my park is full? 

Pitchup.com checks the availability for the ‘Pitch Type’ against the equivalent ‘Unit’ on Anytime Booking.

Pitchup.com’s connection does not look at the availability across multiple days for any of the individual sub-units. This means we experience the ‘Tetris Effect’ when you start to have limited availability. For example, you may have a Grass Pitch unit with 50 sub-units (pitches) and although you have that last pitch available for 7 nights, it’s actually across different pitch numbers.

In the event that Anytime Booking cannot accept and insert the Pitchup.com booking because there isn’t the appropriate length of stay to place onto a sub-unit, we will send an email to Pitchup.com (and you will be CC’d) alerting them that the booking could not be inserted for this reason. Pitchup.com will contact you about making a refund back to the customer.

We are working with Pitchup.com to update the connection so that in the future it will check the length of stay, but in the meantime, we recommend that you keep at least one pitch ‘back-office only’ to be able to accept a pitchup.com booking if it falls into this scenario.

If you have any questions about your allocations on Pitchup.com, please contact Pitchup.com directly.

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