Diary overview for existing customers

This video is aimed for all those with self-catering, glamping, motorhome hire and anyone with parent units.

A separate camping & multiplot video is coming soon!  

This overview will go through all the basics from the initial load to how you would generally use the diary. 

In this video I cover; 

  • How to optimise the initial load, so you can see the processing wheel less! 
  • The general layout 
  • Yearly view on units
  • Displaying rates on your diary 
  • Blocking off date and making a booking 
  • No need to refresh the diary to see changes
  • Recording a note against the date or the unit 
  • Moving bookings around 
  • the KEY 🗝️ as the colour scheme is now based on payment status

    Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 11.04.15

And reporting a bug or quick by using the link on the diary, or here