Manually Take Further Payments – Cardholder Not Present

How to take credit/debit card payments when the cardholder is not present

It is quite common for some of our customers including Guest Houses and Bed and Breakfasts to take credit card details in case of damage during a stay, or for a no show.

This can be an administration nightmare!  Who wants the responsibility of tracking sticky notes with random credit card numbers on them?

The modern equivalent is to ask your merchant bank to provide a ‘Continuous Authority’ merchant account.  This means that once you have taken your initial deposit you have the opportunity to take further payments, either for the balance or additional costs accrued during the stay.  Because the card details are encrypted at the payment gateway, you are PCI compliant and can take further payments without needing access to the card details.

For more information speak to your Merchant Bank.  This service may change your transactional costs.

Don’t forget to put a note in your Terms and Conditions to advise your customers that this is your policy.