How to duplicate units

A guide on how to clone/duplicate units

Begin by heading into configuration > units. Select from the dropdown menu which category the unit you would like to clone is in.

You will see a ‘clone unit’ button at the top in red. Click on this and select the category the unit is in, followed by the unit itself which you would like to clone. Choose which category you want the clone to go into, followed by its name, and also the occupancy level.

Once filled in, click clone and you will see the new unit appear in the list. You will need to head into the unit here and fill in the relevant property details. 

Cloning a unit will also clone the following information:

  • Rates
  • Deposits
  • Party members
  • Party details
  • Extras
  • Emails (although you may wish to double check they are relevant to the new unit)

    See a short video below: