How to connect a customer to TXGB

A quick guide to help make the connection.

This is a nice simple connection process.

Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 11.27.10

Inform the customer of the charging price. Once they are happy with that, create a 'Deal' in Hubspot: Sales > Deals > Create Deal. connection: We need to find out if the customer has a listing per unit in place. TXGB will struggle to map 1 listing to 3 units, this will need to be split out before connecting. Inform TXGB if the customer uses LOS pricing or daily rates. 

Google Hotel reservations is a new connection for them and they are looking to add Google Vacation for individual properties. 

We then involve TXGB (Tourism Exchange Great Britain). The TXGB email address to use is either: for any member of their team.

If you want a more personalised approach, 'Slack' message TXGB-anytime-partnership, with the company name and County they are from. They will respond with the regional onboarding team member with their personal email address for you you use.


Send your customer an introductory email to TXGB and cc in either hello@ or the team member.


Our job is done for now. It is worth keeping an eye on the account for a new booking through TXGB so that the deal can be moved to - Deals live this month.


TXGB are able to uplift pricing to OTA's if required now.