Glossary: our lingo!

Here we explain, the terminology and phrases we use within our system

Agent Fee: An agent fee is the amount of money that an agent charges you to refer a booking to you. The booking system will separate out the amount from the total of the booking that should be paid to an agent.

Alternative email: The alternative email allows you to send booking information to a different email address than your customer’s primary one. The alternative email will take preference over the email address saved in the customer profile.

Base Cost: The base cost is the amount of money you want to charge per day, week or short-break.

Booking reference number: The booking reference number is the identifying number that is associated with a booking. You can search for a specific booking using this number.

Customer Profile:  This is the information saved about your customer. Each profile is created when you make a booking for a new customer. You can choose to export you customer profiles to our email marketing module to send marketing emails to people.

Extras/Add-ons: An extra or an add-on is something your customers can add to their booking. Each extra can be chargeable or you can choose to offer extras for free.

Party Member: A party member is an adult, child or infant who’s coming to stay. You can choose to collect detailed information about each party member or you can choose to only collect information about the size of the party. You can also choose to charge per person.

PIN (Personal Identification Number): Your unique PIN gives you access to your booking system. Each person with a PIN can log in to the system. Bookings and changes made by an individual are logged so each member of staff can see who’s done what.

Referral: A referral is where a customer heard about you. E.g. Google search, been before…

Token: A token is used to populate the emails with specific booking information. Like a mail merge, tokens allow you to have a template email which works for every customer by inputting their information automatically. You can add tokens to emails using the add token menu at the top of the email page. You are also able to create custom tokens.

Unit: A unit is something that your customer can book. It could be a pitch, a cottage, an event or activity.