Extra Add-ons for Pitchup V1

Syncing Extras on Pitchup.com with Anytime Booking

Adding Extras to your account is a great bonus. However when it comes to joining Pitchup you need to make sure that the wording is the same.

If you charge for dogs, electricity or any other extra on Pitchup.com, this will transfer all the Add-on details, providing the Add-ons share the same name.

If these are not the same, then when a PU booking is made the Extras will not show in the booking detail in Anytime.


Drop down Feature:

Also remember that the drop down feature in Extras is not supported in PU, only Tick boxes and Numbers are. For example setting the heading 'What type of towel would you like?' with the drop down: hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet. This information will not feed through on the booking details.

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 12.33.01


PLEASE NOTE: If you set up a reduction in price for more activities bought as a drop down feature in Anytime, this can not be replicated in Pitchup. You would need to set this as a tick box i.e 1 activity = £10, 2 activities = £18, or a number feed without any reductions.