How are emails delivered to guests

A guide to how your Anytime Booking system delivers email to your guests

There are three options for email delivery: default, email forwarding and dedicated delivery. 

By Default

When a new Anytime account is created all outgoing emails are sent from a email address by default.  Your customer will not be able to respond back to this email address.

Email Forwarding

Your account manager at Anytime can setup an email forwarding provision whereby all the outgoing emails will be sent from a email address that will look similar to ‘’ and when the customer replies back to this email, it will be forwarded onto to the designated email address you have provided to us.

This method is used if you have a gmail, hotmail, yahoo or generalised mail provider.

Dedicated Delivery

For those who have their own domain, the system can send outgoing emails on your behalf, using your exact email address by updating the DNS records. We use Postmark for this facility and we will require the person looking after your domain to update the DKIM (DomainKey Identified Mail) and SPF records. Your account manager at Anytime will send the full instructions on what to do.