Creating a guest list or segment

How to filter guests by lists or segments within your Anytime Booking account

It’s good to know your guests!

Creating 'Guest Lists' within your Anytime account is going to help you quickly identify a specific type of guest as you navigate around the system.

You might want to label guests to a blacklist, a loyalty list, a friends list, or list of owners if you are a holiday let agency. You can create up to 12 different lists, each with your choice of colour.

You will need to pre-define a Guest List before you can start assigning guests to them.

Go to Configuration > Marketing > Guest Lists

You can have up to have up to 12 different lists, with different assigned colours.  

Once you have given a list a label and chosen a colour, you then have an option to automatically sync this to email marketing if you are using our email marketing module.

Once you have done that, go to Guests.

Find your guest and open up the record.

Once you have created your lists and assigned the relevant Guests to them, the appropriate colour will appear next to the guest name all over the admin area.

The nice thing about Guest List is being able to filter your guests afterwards.

Just a note about blacklists. You can mark a guest on the blacklist, but we can't prevent them from making a future booking at the moment.

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