Migrate an existing Stripe account to our secure Stripe Connect Platform

The benefits of connecting your Stripe account through Anytime

Your payment gateway with Stripe currently requires us to manually manage the connection between Anytime and Stripe to ensure that system updates, compliance issues, and changes to regulations are correct on both sides.

Occasionally, these changes are not communicated to us in advance and payment gateway links are broken unexpectedly. Sadly, we often only find out when you tell us that your guests are unable to make payments.

To eliminate these errors and to eliminate the need for us to continually monitor the link to Stripe, we are changing the way that we integrate with Stripe by using a platform called Stripe Connect.

This means that all system and software updates between Anytime and Stripe will happen automatically.

As part of this change, we are obliged to get your permission to add your Anytime account to our Stripe Connect platform. To do this, all you have to do is to follow the on-screen instructions in the new Stripe option in your Anytime account configuration area. Please see the screenshots below.

Stripe Connect also provides greater fraud prevention and reduces 3D secure failure rates so please act now and be assured that your guest payment system is in even better health.

Nothing else changes with your Stripe account or in Anytime. This is simply the result of some background collaboration between us and Stripe to ensure that your payment system is always up to date while eliminating the need for our manual intervention.

 This is the screen that will open up when you return to your Anytime configuration page and select Stripe.

Click Connect and follow the prompts.
Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 10.51.22

Please note:
If you are using any other software to send and receive data back into your Stripe account eg Xero for invoicing purposes, then it is not possible to use this new method of connecting to Stripe at this time. If you have your Stripe account linked to your accounting software simply as a bank feed for transactions, then you are able to use our automated Stripe Connect platform.