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Connect to Goboony

We have a 2-way iCal connection to Goboony

Please note: iCal will send basic availability up to your channel, and then basic booking data will be pushed to Anytime Booking. We check this iCal every 15 minutes.

You may wish to edit each booking from Goboony once imported into the system, to ensure your required information is set against the booking. We only import the booked dates and booking reference number. We do not read any blocked dates in the GoBoony ical feed from third party connections, only true GoBoony Bookings.



Calendar exporting lets you send your Anytime Booking availability to Goboony. All bookings and blocked off periods will be sent in your exporting iCal feed.

To export your calendar

  1. In your Anytime Account head to Configuration under your Initials in the top right of the page
  2. Scroll down to iCal Feeds
  3. Select the relevant Category, Unit and Sub Unit if you have these in the drop down boxes.
  4. Here you will see your Export iCal URL. Copy this into an email with your Goboony listing name and repeat for all listings
  5. Send this to support@goboony.co.uk with the subject iCal connection to add these to your account. Please ensure you have future booking data i.e a booking or block off in your diary to activate the iCal feed.

Once you hear back from Goboony to say that they have successfully synced availability - please remember that they read our iCal feeds twice a day at 2am and 2pm. So it's always worth checking your Anytime Account for recent bookings before accepting a Goboony request.



Calendar importing allows you to automatically keep your Anytime Booking calendar up to date from Goboony using an iCalendar format.

To Import their calendar 

  1. Go to your "Calendar" in Goboony, from there you need to select the vehicle and there is an export button 
  2. Head back to your Anytime Booking account
  3. In the iCal Feed page select the required unit
  4. Paste the iCal URL/Link into the Goboony box and click 'Update'
  5. We will read their iCal feeds on the next 15 minute window for data.

    For reference here is an example ical feed us to import it: https://www.goboony.co.uk/icalendars/123456789.ics

Remember we can only receive the arrival and departure dates and create a booking using this information. Also we have a function to Automatically ready cancellations and Amendments. Please toggle this on or off on your Anytime Ical feed page. If you are adding guest details we currently suggest switching this off and manually applying these changes.