Connect to Airbnb (API Integration)

Synchronisation Guide: Use Anytime Booking to connect to Airbnb and instantly synchronise pricing and availability with your holiday lets

From June 2022 you can now synchronise your pricing and availability with your Airbnb listing using a new direct integration with Airbnb via our API. 

Using our Airbnb API connection gives instant, real-time connectivity.  Below is a list of all the fields that can be mapped between your accommodation unit listing inside your Anytime Booking account with your Airbnb listing. 

  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Extra (Standard Fees);
      • Cleaning fee* / Short term cleaning fee
      • Security deposit*
      • Community fee*
      • Linen fee*

        *these are mandatory fields that need to be configured within the Airbnb Dashboard within your Anytime Booking account. 
        • Resort fee
        • Management fee
        • Electricity, water, air conditioning fees
        • Utility fee
        • Pet fee
  • Min Stay 
  • Max Stay (default 28 days) but you can override max stay on Airbnb optional on this connection.
  • Turnover Days (the time between bookings)
  • Check in days 
  • Booking lead time (hours) 
  • Batch calendar update 18 months into the future (push)
  • Seasonal rules (Uplift pricing in the summer, or stay for X number of days and get a discount, or they book beyond X days into the future)
  • Length of Stay pricing (LOS) 

Key benefits of this direct integration 

  • The flow of bookings, calendar availability and pricing between Anytime Booking and Airbnb will be automatic.
  • Guest details such as their names and number in the party will also pass automatically between the platforms.
  • The direct connection is far more efficient than iCal (which updates every 15 min to 4 hours). This instant synchronisation via API integration means that errors such as overbooking or double bookings are far less likely to occur.
  • You will save hours of time from cross-checking platforms.
  • You can mark up base rates in the Airbnb dashboard on Anytime to maximise profit by covering the commission.
  • You can clearly see your Airbnb bookings alongside your direct bookings.
  • Use Airbnb in real time to help you increase occupancy in shoulder periods or when advance bookings appear slower than usual.

The differences between Airbnb iCal and Airbnb API integrations

You may already have experience of sharing availability with Airbnb via iCal.  This is not real-time and has its limitations.

Airbnb iCal Airbnb API
The connection is via iCal, so no instant synchronisation. Usually updates between 15 minutes and 4 hours  Instant synchronisation of availability through the API 
No import of the number of guests from Airbnb to Anytime Booking (number of guests will always appear as 1) The exact number of guests will be imported from Airbnb to Anytime Booking
Guest details such as the number in the party or guest names are not imported into Anytime Booking Guest details such as the number in the party or guest names are imported into Anytime Booking
Total booking amount is not imported into Anytime Booking The total booking amount is imported into Anytime Booking
Nothing is exported from Anytime Booking to Airbnb (only calendar availability when the Anytime Booking iCal is exported to Airbnb) Booking details, as well as rental details, can be synchronised and the connection can even be used to create new Airbnb listings with just one click
12 months of calendar availability and reservations are synchronised 18 months of calendar availability and reservations are synchronised


To get started, please contact Kai-lee by either starting a live chat with us or dropping an email to and we'll guide you through the next steps.