Connect with Airbnb (API) - Introduction and Terminology

Use Anytime Booking to connect to Airbnb and instantly synchronise pricing and availability with your holiday lets

Your Anytime Booking account can synchronise your pricing and availability with your Airbnb listing using a new direct integration via our API (see below for an explanation of all terminology used).

Below is a list of fields that can be mapped between your accommodation unit listing inside your Anytime Booking account with your Airbnb listing(s).

  • Rates
  • Availability
  • Check-in/out days
  • Minimum night stays
  • Cleaning fee
  • Linen fee
  • Pet fee
  • Party Size
  • Party Details - title, first name, last name
  • Email address - Airbnb generate an e-mail address which we are not able to send automated emails to

Please note: Any bookings manually added or booked via iCal, it's necessary to include the Airbnb Reference in the External Ref line within the booking details. This step ensures a seamless transition for future amendments to occur automatically. By updating the External Ref line with the Airbnb Reference, the system can identify and link the booking to the appropriate Airbnb listing, facilitating smooth updates and changes in the future without manual intervention.


Key benefits of this direct integration 

  • The flow of bookings, calendar availability and pricing between Anytime Booking and Airbnb will be automatic.
  • Guest details such as their names and number in the party will be brought into Anytime Booking from Airbnb bookings.
  • The direct connection is instant whereas iCals update only every 15 min to 4 hours.
  • Instant synchronisation means that errors such as overbooking or double bookings are far less likely to occur.
  • You will save time cross-checking pricing on two platforms.
  • You can uplift base rates in the Airbnb dashboard on Anytime to maximise profit by covering the service fee charged to you by Airbnb.
  • You can clearly see your Airbnb bookings alongside your direct bookings.

Use Airbnb in real time to help you increase occupancy in shoulder periods or when advance bookings appear slower than usual.

Please note: that integrating Anytime Booking and Airbnb will mean that Airbnb will apply their Simplified Pricing to your account. Airbnb will deduct a 15% commission (plus VAT) from the payment that you receive. This increase will be applied to your whole Airbnb account even units that you do not wish to connect. 

If you would like to read more about this policy from Airbnb, this link will take you to their FAQ article.

All Airbnb accounts will move to this pricing platform in due course, but you can uplift your Anytime pricing through our Airbnb dashboard to cover this additional charge.


Here is an explanation of the terminology that you will come across when integrating with Airbnb.

  • Hosting Account - this is your Airbnb account where you control pricing and booking rules.
  • Listing - this is your Airbnb property page as viewed by guests.
  • Guest Calendar - this is the calendar that guests use on Airbnb when looking at your listing.
  • iCal - iCal is short for Internet Calendar and is used for transferring calendar information between different systems.
  • API - this is an acronym for Application Programming Interface, and refers to a piece of software that allows two different applications (Anytime and Airbnb) to talk to each other.
  • Synchronisation - this is the process that our API will perform to make sure that the information in both your Airbnb and Anytime accounts are up date and are reading the same data.
  • Authorisation - this means that you allow your Airbnb account to access elements of your Anytime Booking account.
  • Price Uplift - a % increase chosen by you, the user, to apply to the Anytime rates before they are sent to Airbnb.

Using the API connection will alter the way that you now view and manage your Airbnb account. Please continue to the next article.

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