Connect Opayo (formerly SagePay) with your Anytime account

How to connect Opayo with your Anytime account

Opayo Setup Instructions

Step 1.

Go to test environment URL –

Then login with your Vendor Name, Username and Password supplied by SagePay.

Once logged in click on the Valid IPs link.

Click on the ‘Add’ button bottom right hand corner of the page and enter the following details :-

IP Address :-

Subnet Mask :-

Description :- Anytime Booking IP 1

Click ‘Add’ and repeat this process a second time with the following details :-

IP Address :-

Subnet Mask :-

Description :- Anytime Booking IP 2

Click ‘Add’.

Step 2.

You need to create a new user which will be used to manage and view transactions.

Click ‘Users’ and then the ‘New user’ button bottom right.

Choose a username and enter the rest of the details along with your choice of password.

Make sure that all the tick boxes are ticked under Account Privileges and My Sage Pay Access and that the Default Landing Page is set to Transctions.

Make a note of these login details and you will need them in step 5.

Step 3.

Contact Anytime Booking and provide them with your SagePay Vendor name and ask them to connect SagePay to your account in test mode.

Step 4.

Go to the front-end of the booking system and make a test booking including a test payment. You can use the following card details.

Step 5.

Log back in to the SagePay test area using the new account details you created earlier. ** Not the main login details but the one you created yourself **.

Once logged in you will be able to see the transaction you just made. Click on it and then click the ‘Refund’ button to perform a refund.

You will be able to confirm the amount and asked to re-enter your password.

Step 6.

Inform the customer and SagePay that the test payment has been made and refunded and that you wish to make the account live.

Step 7.
SagePay will then send you another link for the live account. All the above steps will need to be done a second time on the live account.

The live account is located at