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Canopy & Stars

How to conect your Anytime Booking account with Canopy and Stars

Synchronising your Calendar with Canopy & Stars
  • Once you’ve set up the synchronisation, let Canopy & Stars know and they can make a test booking

  • They’ll then recommend you keep an eye on your next 3 bookings to ensure the feed continues to work as expected

  • This is an iCal synchronisation not an API – make sure you are copying the correct code from Anytime Booking

Step One: Send your Anytime Bookings to your Canopy & Stars calendar

  1. Now highlight and copy the ‘Export Feed’ for your unit from Anytime Booking on the same tab:

  1. Log back into your Canopy & Stars Owner calendar

  2. Paste the iCal export feed into the box labelled ‘Feed URL’

  3. Give it a label in the ‘Feed Name‘ box e.g. Anytime Booking

  4. Click ‘Add Feed’