Calendar Widgets

An overview of the different calendar widgets available to you to display availability on your website

As part of our setup fee we can provide code for either a standard 'search bar' or 'multi-unit grid'.

Your web developer can amend the colours/themes of the calendar widget to match your website.

You can use our test website here to test the calendar widgets from a guests perspective.

Search Bar

Example of a standard search bar below:

Example of a styled search bar below:

Benefits of using a search bar:

  • Displays an image and description to your guests based on the 'parent unit'

  • Displays discounts after they select 'Search'

  • A 'Read More' button is displayed to take them back to more information on the website

  • You can set 'close matches' to show alternative availability to the date they have selected

Search results example:

Multi-Unit Grid

Example of a standard multi-unit grid:

Example of a styled multi-unit grid:

Benefits of using a multi-unit grid:

  • Shows all availability in one place (all categories/units)

  • Clearly shows arrival/departure dates

  • Pops up with a price on selected dates

  • Allows guest to click on the name e.g. Cherry to take them back to the specific web page

Alternative Options

Individual Calendars

As an addition, we can provide you with individual calendars for free. A maximum of one calendar can be added to each page on your website to display specific availability. You can decide how many months you wish to show.

Example of standard individual calendar:

Example of a styled individual calendar:

Book Now Button

We can provide you with a link directly to the styled booking process, which you can then add to a 'Book Now' button on your website.