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Connecting to Booking.com

Step by step guide to adding Booking.com iCals

Syncing your iCal calendars using Booking.com

Step 1

On Anytime Booking click on Setup > Configuration > Units > Double click into specific unit > Select iCal links and then copy the link under ‘Export URL’.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 11.37.09

Step 2

Log-in to Booking.com using your username and password here: https://admin.booking.com/

Select the property you would like to sync.

Once selected, click on ‘Calendar & Pricing’ then ‘Sync Calendars’

Select ‘Add Calendar Connection’ and copy and paste the link from Anytime Booking, and name the calendar.

When you click on ‘Next Step’ it should start to sync the calendars and provide you with an export link to import into Anytime Booking.

Please import the link in the correct channel on the unit settings, select ‘OK’, and refresh your availability.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 11.38.19