Booking reference numbers.

Booking reference sequences and the different options

The standard booking reference number sequence used by anytime booking is 001, 002, 003 etc.

However, you are able to tell the system to use a different format for your booking references if you want to.

NB. You must set the reference format before you make any bookings (even test bookings) as the system will not be able to change the reference format once you have bookings recorded in the database.

Go to Setup > Configuration > Booking Reference Numbers to choose your preference.

We have several options for booking reference number sequences, so please choose your preferred format.

  • Sequential Numbers: 0001, 0002, 0003 and so on

  • Global Booking Prefix: Three letters chosen by you can precede the sequential booking number, for example; ‘DIR/0001’ for direct or ‘TRE/0001′ for eg. Tregarton Park

  • Standard and Agent Booking Prefixes: Sequential booking numbers prefixed with codes to differentiate between direct or agent bookings (a separate tariff setup will be required). For example ‘DIR/0001’ for direct and  ‘AIR/0002’ for Airbnb.

  • Arrival Date Year Prefix: The year of arrival will prefix the sequential number, for example; ‘2015/0001’ for a customer arriving in 2015, even though they have booked in 2014

  • Booking Date Year Prefix:  The booking date will prefix the sequential number, for example; ‘2013/0001’ for a customer who booked in 2013 even if the arrival date is in 2014