API token creation

Step by step guide to creating an API token.


This example uses Parkland and Airbnb :

Creating the API key token:

  1. Use the URL for the site and add authorise:                                      https://parklandsite-vue.anytimebooking.eu/vue#/authorise
  2. Create API first: Use : ParklandAirbnbAPI (Company name(OTA)API)
  3. Enter the generated API key from above- this should auto generate
  4. Enter the note i.e Parkland Airbnb 20220616 KVH (Company name, OTA name, date, initials).
  5. Agent id: 8 (Airbnb id number)
  6. Token Scope: update (For Airbnb this will be: update)
  7. Click Get JWT, then copy this into your API key token area.

Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 13.10.37