Anytime Overview for Holiday Lets

A demonstration video of Anytime Booking for Holiday Let business owners.

Hello 👋🏻

Below is our overview video and examples of current businesses using Anytime for short term holiday let businesses.

When it comes to your guest making a booking through your website, we offer a selection of options. From a simple 'Book Now' button, a search bar, single calendar of multi-unit calendar. Here are some examples.

So St Ives are using our Search Availability widget, where the results are hosted by us - you will notice a URL change. The results, which include the property name (unit), a description, date, duration and the base cost (before extras) are in a standard format. You can add in images like So St Ives have done to display a pet friendly property. The guest will either book or click on 'read more'. The 'read more' button will take the guest back to the original property page back on your website.

Forever Cornwall are using our Search Availability widget (advanced). Forever Cornwall have chosen to display the results back on their own website. This can be achieved with JSON or API -(your web developer can help with this)-which means you can control the design completely, alongside that you can create more advanced search filters by using a combination of the data stored in your Anytime account and your website. The end booking form is still hosted and styled up by Anytime to match your website.

Bodrean Manor Farm have good examples of our Single Unit Calendar widget on their cottage pages. These calendars can easily be styled and colour customised like