Anytime Integration Options

From Anytime Standard to Enterprise Anytime, here are your options.

 Option 1. Anytime Standard. We host the guest search and booking journey.

In this first off-the-shelf option, we provide your developer with your chosen widgets to place on your website alongside a unique sub-domain URL, also provided by us. They can adjust the look of the widgets to blend in with your own branding. 
Because the search results and booking form are hosted by us, the guest is redirected to our platform. The search results, booking form and guest login area pages are styled by us to match your website header and footer as closely as possible. This template for the booking journey is the default of 90% of our customer base.


Option 2.  Anytime API. You host the search results, and we still continue to host the booking form and guest login area.

You may want to have more of a design influence on the search results page for your guest. Rather than using our default template as in Option 1, we give your developers access to our API enabling them to build their own results page with their own logic on how the guest will search, learn more and book. If using a ‘book now’ button this can still head back into our hosted booking form.


Options 3.  Enterprise Anytime (advanced API). Everything is hosted client-side, on your own website.
Whilst options 1 & 2 don’t incur any additional subscription cost from us, with the Enterprise option we allocate dedicated support from our developers and the wider team to assist your website developers whilst the build is in place. Our service level agreement also changes post-live to give you more support in case the connection drops for any reason, or, in case you decide to make any structural changes to your Anytime account that impact your bespoke booking journey built by your developers. For this reason the Enterprise option is £150 in addition to your per month unit subs + VAT. There is no change to the initial setup fee. 

If you would like to chat in more detail about using the Anytime API or the Enterprise version of Anytime with our MD, Wendy, do book yourself into her diary here.