Add Stripe to your Anytime account

Start collecting payments from your guests with Stripe

How to add STRIPE as a Payment Gateway

  • Go to

  • Login with your email and password

  • Go to the left hand margin of the screen you now see

  • Click on ‘API

  • Copy the LIVE SECRET KEY

  • Open Anytime Booking in a separate tab in your browser

  • Go into you Initials and click on 'Legacy Interface' then 'Your Account' and find the ‘Payment Gateway” tab.

  • Click Active and Select STRIPE from the drop down menu in Payment Gateway

  • Now paste in the ‘live secret key’ into ‘Secret Key

  • Go back into Stripe and copy the LIVE PUBLISHABLE KEY

  • Go back into Your Account > Payment Gateway on Anytime Booking and paste ‘live publishable key’ into ‘Publishable Key

 Make a testing booking

  • Now test that Stripe is working OK. 

  • Click on the dashboard tab and in your browser, change the url from to

  • This takes you to the customer-facing version of the booking form, where you can test your online payment system

  • Make a test booking

  • As long as your Stripe account is active and you have set it up as above, when you get to the stage of placing the booking, it should take you through to the Stripe Payment window – this tells you the connection is now working

Let us know when you've added your Stripe account and we'll make a test booking too.