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A Guide to Connecting to Airbnb using Rentals United

How to connect your Anytime Booking account to Airbnb using Rentals United

If you want to connect to Airbnb via Rentals United, you will need to create a brand new Airbnb account that will later be connected to your Rentals United (RU) account. This needs to be done even if you have an existing Airbnb account, but don’t worry, a Market Manager at Airbnb will be able to transfer your property reviews from your original Airbnb account to your new one to keep things as seamless as possible.

So, once you have established your RU account (instructions here) you need to follow these next steps:

Airbnb integration: what you need to do

1) Enter Airbnb’s website & create a new account, with a different email & password to your old account (if you have an old account)

2) Next please send your new account details to support@rentalsunited.com (your email & password)

3) Once Steps 1 & 2 are done, you should email your Market Manager at Airbnb and have them “Transfer” your property reviews from your old Airbnb account onto your new Airbnb account (if you do not have an old Airbnb account, then there is no need to do this obviously)

Airbnb integration: what goes on behind the scenes

When you have created your new Airbnb account and sent in your email & password to support@rentalsunited.com, your RU Key Account Manager connects your new Airbnb account to your RU account.

Then they push the properties you would like to sync through Rentals United to Airbnb.

An Airbnb Market Manager will then review these properties, accept them and publish the properties on their platform.

Once this is done, and you have emailed your Market Manager at Airbnb, they transfer the Reviews, Superhost status and so on from your old Airbnb account to your new one, if you have one.