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Current 2 way iCal connections

Here is a list of current connections and their sync times

iCal sharing is not live availability we read iCals every 15 minutes. Below we have current connected channels and their estimated read time of our iCal feeds. Just bear in mind that these are rough estimations and we are not updated on any changes from the channels directly. 

Please contact our Support team if you wish to make a connection with one of the below. Or if you feel confident enough please head to our Configuration area and scroll down to iCal Feeds and add them there. 


Airbnb is every 5minutes and they only share the next 12 months of availability in their iCal feed

Booking.com is up to 30 minutes



Canopy & Stars is every 20 minutes

Cottages.com is every 10 minutes

Eden Retreats 

Expedia is every 30 minutes

Glampsites is every 15 minutes
twice a day 2am/2pm

HIPCAMP  is every 15 minutes

Mullberry Cottages is every 10 minutes

Suffolk Hideaways is every 15 minutes

Travel Chapter is every 20 minutes

TripAdvisor is every 30 minutes

VRBO is every 5 minutes

Waterside Breaks 


Agency Module connections:

Anytime Booking is every 15-30 minutes

Beds24 is every 15 minutes

Bookalet is every 15 minutes

Bookster is every 5 minutes

Eviivo is every 15 minutes

Free to book is every 15 minutes

Guesty is every 15 minutes

Inn Style is every 30 minutes

Lodgify is every 2 hours


SuperControl is every 4-6 Hours